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Changelog 08/02/2022

Hello everyone,

Finally, the new survival season is here! We will announce the release of the season shortly on our discord server. There have been many changes made in survival, the list of the changes is attached below:

New! Survival spawn is changed to the new one
➥ Vanilla Dragons are reverted back
➥ Custom enchantments are now removed
➥ Survival is updated to the latest Minecraft 1.18 version
➥ Compatibility for Minecraft 1.16 has been removed
New! Added a new help menu to guide the beginners (/help)
➥ Death Chests are added instead of Keep Inventory
➥ Skills now have some minor changes
New! Added new Bank System, which will give interest based on your deposit
New! Discord account linking system (/link)
New! Battle pass with exciting rewards, visit to buy
New! Riddler in the chat
➥ Changed Chat Format, Hovering over the player name will show the stats
New! Tag System, You can buy tags or earn them (/tags)
➥ Rank up System 2.0
➥ Premium Rank Perks are changed, visit the store for details
➥ Synced the stats of survival to the discord (-survivalstats <playername>)
➥ Increased the elevator distance to 50 blocks
➥ Minor changes into the crates
New! Added new currency Gems
New! Added Grappling Hook
➥ Added a leaderboard on Jobs GUI
➥ PvP is toggleable now

Log in now to to play the new season! Join our discord for more information.

Thank you,
Team Ghostcraft
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