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Changelog 25/05/2022

Hello Players ,

We Are happy to announce that new Season 3 of Bedwars is ready and Globally available for everyone Our team has been working since days to Finish Alpha Testing, And We are good to go with New Season now ! , There have been many changes made in Bedwars, the list of the changes is attached below:

➥ Added Cosmetics For Both Lobby And Ingame

➥ Added Most Requested Feature [/Rejoin]

➥ Added Voidless Maps [New In GhostCraft]

➥ Added Custom Economies

➥ Added Daily Rewards

➥ Synced The Stats Of Survival To The Discord (-bwstats <playername>)

➥ Added Pop Up Towers Ingame

➥ Added New Currency Gems , Jades , Gold

➥ Added Lootboxes

➥ New Bedwars Lobby

Log in now to to play the new season! Join our discord for more information.

Thank you,
Team Ghostcraft


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