1. vipvenom

    Bedwars Season 3 Change Logs

    Bedwars - GhostCraft Network Changelog 25/05/2022 Hello Players , We Are happy to announce that new Season 3 of Bedwars is ready and Globally available for everyone Our team has been working since days to Finish Alpha Testing, And We are good to go with New Season now ! , There have been...
  2. 0_NiX

    Map Update - Bed Wars

    Hello everyone, Bed Wars is now opened after maintenance! The maps for the Bed Wars are now updated, the list of the maps for each mode is given below: Solo Maps: Airshow, Apollo, Crogrom, Hollow, Pernicious, Rooftop, Rooted, Skyrise, Solace, Speedway. Doubles: Airshow, Apollo, Crogrom, Hollow...
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