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    Why not?

    Good Joke.. So funny.. :ROFLMAO:
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    Why not?

    Where are you all? No one is active here... :(
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    New maps in bedwars

    Hello, thanks for this wonderful suggestion. We will try to bring similar maps soon.
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  5. 0_NiX

    Adding more ranks

    We currently have 4 paid ranks and 2 free ranks for survival.
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    server lagging

  7. 0_NiX

    New Parkour Arenas are Out!, for live support please join our discord at here.
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    Titles for TOP Players at Parkour

    We can do that
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    New Parkour Arenas are Out!

    Arcade Games Update 31.07.2021 Hello Traceurs, We have added 3 brand new maps in the Parkour for you! The maps added are Life on the Edge, Legends, and Insanity. Hop into the server and check them out. A special prize is waiting for those who will complete all the maps before any other 👀. See...
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    Map Update - Bed Wars

    Hello everyone, Bed Wars is now opened after maintenance! The maps for the Bed Wars are now updated, the list of the maps for each mode is given below: Solo Maps: Airshow, Apollo, Crogrom, Hollow, Pernicious, Rooftop, Rooted, Skyrise, Solace, Speedway. Doubles: Airshow, Apollo, Crogrom, Hollow...
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    Welcome to the Ghostcraft Forums!

    Welcome to Ghostcraft Forums! Hello everyone! We have been working hard on the forums recently and here we are with all new forums! We hope that you all will have a great time on the forums. Like the discord server there, there are some rules which you must follow here. Rules will be updated...
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    1st Thread

    Bruh 😪
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