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    Adding more ranks

    But only in survival thats why adding ranks in other gamemode will be more enjoyable
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    New maps in bedwars

    Thank you for your response but please don't NO U me pls
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    I am mess

    I am mess
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    1st Thread

    Nice man, you got me! :(
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    Adding more ranks

    Adding more rank ensures a person gets to the rank if possible. And adding more ranks for donors and ign players with money will be more enjoyable and playable.
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    New maps in bedwars

    A map called Floral Covered in flowers mainly, but you can add bees and plants. A map called Starry Make it look like you're in the night sky, rockets, stars, black sky, etc. A map called Airlines Make it look like you're in an airline, planes at mid, luggage areas for bases, the works. A map...
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